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Blogger, video content creator, entrepreneur, and socialist. Sharing personal lessons I’ve learned on money, business, entrepreneurship, and relationship.

As a new entrepreneur, you shouldn’t expect to get everything right first time. Learn from your failures to increase your chances of future success.

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You cannot expect a child to develop their full potential if you cannot ensure a proper environment

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I did not know where was my earning going, then decided to follow in the millionaires’ footsteps

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New details of the plans for Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday have been revealed.

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Prince Harry has returned without Meghan Markle

I’ll go through each of my passive income streams and how I built them up.

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How it all began

Scientific studies have shown that our brains have an inbuilt fear of others viewing us as losers. We want people to see us as winners.

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Become the one who runs, not the one who waits!

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When anybody reaches this point in life, he or she tends to reflect on her 20's.

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The first mistake

After learning, talking, and hanging around with several entrepreneurs, I discovered that certain mindsets around business allowed them to stand out

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